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HiDiamond Diamond USB 1

HiDiamond Diamond USB 1
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HiDiamond Reference USB 1 New absolute reference USB digital cable. Cable designed for... mehr
Produktinformationen "HiDiamond Diamond USB 1"

HiDiamond Reference USB 1

New absolute reference USB digital cable.

Cable designed for expressly digital connections. Cable with proprietary 4VRC © technology, to reduce the inductance, capacitance and resistance values. XLPE insulator, where XLPE is 100 times better than normal Teflon. This lowers the threshold of the spike output and, consequently, the width of the musical signal barrier, guaranteeing greater linearity and less amplitude of the basic sine wave, to the advantage of the naturalness of the musical signal.

Finished with high quality connectors with high clamping and large gold plating, which allows better transmission of the signal without losses and zero oxidation power. All these innovations lead to a decisive dynamic impact and a severe and warm performance in the range. The focus is very good, the sound scene well defined in every dimension, deep articulated and open, excellent in height. Disarming the speed of resolution of transients, excellent both in attack and release, with a propensity for the descent in low remarkable.

Indicated in all systems, both valves and solid state, of any value. An absolute reference.


  • External jacket mm.7
  • Number of Cond. 5
  • Cond. Copper (4VRC)
  • Capacity max. 50 Pf/Km.
  • Conductor Resistance: 53 Ohm/ Km.
  • Shield Resistance: 85 Ohm/Km.
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Das italienische Unternehmen HiDiamond wurde im November 2000 gegründet und vertreibt seitdem weltweit hochqualitative HiFi-Komponenten und Zubehör.

Heute ist das Kerngeschäft die Herstellung sowie der Vertrieb von hochqualitativen HiFi-Kabeln und -Komponenten.


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