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In 2014, Linkplay Technology was established by a core team of high caliber technology entrepreneurs from Google, Broadcom, InterVideo & Harman. They developed cutting-edge wireless technology, software, hardware and user-experience features for a variety of voice and smart products in multiple markets around the globe.

While developing smart products, the founders of WiiM realized there was a void in the market since consumers still had older, functional legacy audio devices but did not want to throw them out because they weren’t smart. This was the genesis for the WiiM Mini smart streamer, WiiM decided to put their intelligence technology into one device giving the users the ability of making legacy products smart.

Following the successful launch of the WiiM Mini, which garnered numerous positive reviews and sales, the WiiM Team created the WiiM Pro. After listening to online reviews from consumers, WiiM made sure that the latest addition to the lineup comes equipped with everything the Mini was missing, such as Chromecast compatibility, an ethernet port for internet connectivity, and much more.

Moving forward, WiiM has multiple amazing new smart products planned to launch in the upcoming year that will also combine the WiiM intelligence technology to fill voids in the market. We can’t wait to share them with you and are excited at working with the WiiM community to further define the smart product space.

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