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whest Mastering Buffer BII

whest Mastering Buffer BII
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whest Mastering Buffer BII Welcome to the all new Mastering Buffer Model BII CD/ Streamer... mehr
Produktinformationen "whest Mastering Buffer BII"

whest Mastering Buffer BII

Welcome to the all new Mastering Buffer Model BII CD/ Streamer final output stage.

This is not a DAC, it's not digital 
but a whole new way to get REAL high resolution performance from Digital Audio devices.

A little background info

Back in 2005 we released a product called the DAP.10 analog processor.  This small but wonderful device was designed to improve the output of ALL CD players.  The DAP.10 sold just under 900 units world wide before the high-speed transistors we used were made obsolete and hence the DAP.10 project was put to sleep.  The technology gained from the DAP programme made its way in into the current whest audio phonostage range – 2017 onwards

Fast forward to 2020

We now live in a world with very high quality digital devices – CD players, computer based streamers, stand alone streamers etc.  While all of these digital sources are able to output VERY high resolution analog audio, in reality they are only really working at 40% capacity.  What you really hear from the their outputs is about 40% of what they are really capable of.

Addressing the issues

The 2005 DAP programme taught us that the output stages in CD players and computer based audio all suffer from a lack of drive, quite poor phase response when loaded with an interconnect and preamp and poor current drive.   It is one of the reasons the interconnect market is they way it is.   This along with the lack of ‘signal conditioning’ in the audio playback chain adds up to quite severe issues with regards REAL dynamic range, imaging, soundstage size, instrument resolution and musicality.

The advantage of a pro-audio background
When you look at ANY high quality studio mixer (not home use mixers), one of the first things that you will notice is that at every stage in the signal chain (trim, mic pre, eq, mix buss, level) the signal is conditioned to be able to pass on to the next stage without affecting the previous stage.

The Mastering Buffer Model BII addresses the issues of the current and past crop of digital audio devices by conditioning the signal so it can drive the following interconnect and amplifier stage properly.  This is done by sending the digital audio devices analog signal to an ultra high-speed all discrete transistor phase aligned and high current drive amp.  The overall audio bandwidth of the BII is 385Khz which allows the small signal/ high frequencies to be dealt with correctly while the high voltage/ high current Class-A output stages adds current drive to the signal exiting the BII.  Now the signal has plenty of dynamic range thanks to the increased voltage rails of the BII and with high current drive, the signal is in a state that it can now drive an interconnect and following amplifier input stage.  In fact the signal has more than enough current to drive a 50m interconnect without any loss of signal integrity.

The end result

We conducted most of our listening tests using just 2 CD players –  Marantz CD63 Ki Signature from 1996 and an MBL C31 circa 2018.  The reason for this was so our listening panel could compare the VERY old CD player/ BII combination to a current (2018) high-end player without a BII.  BAR NONE….. everyone preferred the old CD63 Ki Signature/ BII combination by far.  Across the whole bandwidth the CD 63 Ki Signature was more realistic, had better dynamic range, far better bass definition and response, better clarity across the band.  In fact there was not a single area where the MBL C31 was close or better.

As we all know, older CD laser transport mechanisms are hard to find as laser transport manufacturers stop or update every several years. 

We ask everyone to compare the Mastering Buffer Model BII + their CD player to a very expensive CD player or even a crazy priced interconnect.  You will always prefer the BII because it solves a problem that the others allow to pass.

So there we have it.  Digital done the whest way…. you’ll be shocked just how good 16bit and 24bit PCM actually is.


  • All high-speed class-A, discrete Transistor input stages
  • Ultra Matched transistors  – channel and circuit matched
  • High current output all Class-A output stages
  • Channel matched frequency response to 0.1dB
  • High Speed low noise multi power supply
  • 2 x bespoke design ultra low noise power transformers
  • (1 transformer per channel – TRUE DUAL MONO)
  • Working audio bandwidth 205khz
  • Total bandwidth with near zero phase error 385khz
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whest is the place of the very best phono stages in the world. Whether you are a vinyl lover, specialist archiving company or are just getting into vinyl for the first time – you’ve come to the right place.

Their phono stages have all been reviewed and given critical acclaim worldwide. They are used in both the domestic audio and professional audio fields.

If all you want is the very best from your vinyl collection that no other product can give you, then you have arrived.  This is whest - specialists in phono stages and small signal product design….nothing more, nothing less.



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