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Silent Angel S28 - Absorber

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Silent Angel S28 - Set of 3 By using a classical design, which combines two different... mehr
Produktinformationen "Silent Angel S28 - Absorber"

Silent Angel S28 - Set of 3

By using a classical design, which combines two different materials including high quality 304 stainless steel and high density damping rubber, on Silent Angel S28, Thunder Data again delivers S28 that serves both beautiful and practical. The S28 is so flexible that you can apply different ways of placements on your half-sized audio device (including N8 for sure) and feel the change in sound, which gives you more DIY enjoyment.

Based on many years of experience in audio, we choose 304 stainless steel, which gives benefits of high density, high durability, and beautiful. Comparing to normal steel or , 304 stainless steel is more solid and antirust. This characteristics make S28 more stable in mechanical. Furthermore, to enhance sound quality, the proper mass of high density rubbers are added on the top and bottom of S28. This design gives more life to sound as a result.

Regarding to the appearance, S28 is adopted to a circular design with two rings of annular grooves added on the top and bottom. This elegant and simple design make it beautiful and absorb the resonance moderately at the same time. We took great efforts on every detail of S28 to make it close to perfection.

One set of Silent Angel S28 includes three stands. S28 can be used for Silent Angel N8 and other product that fit its loading capablility. You can use S28 to adapt the sound with three different ways:

1. Put rubber pad at both side of stand.
2. Put rubber pad at upper side of stand.
3. Put rubber pad at bottom side of stand.

You can also find many other ways to put S28 under N8 according to your preferences. Such as: Put two at the front and one at the rear, put one at the front and two at the rear, ..., and so on.


  • Size:
    • 28 x 10mm (rubber pad not included)
    • 28 x 14mm (rubber pad included)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, High Quality Rubber
  • Quantity: Stand *3,Rubber *6
  • Weight: 50g per pcs
  • Loading Capablility: ≤ 5kg
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Silent Angel

Silent Angel

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. was founded by Dr. Eric Jian Huang, who was former CTO in EMC China. The background of team members covers server, network communication, data management, network storage software, hardware architect engineering, and product marketing. Thunder's CTO Chorus Chuang is also a specialist in network hardware, storage software, digital communication signal, and audio grade NAS.

To deliver solution for the upcoming 5G mobile and 8K video world in the future, the goal of Thunder team is to improve signals quality of computing, networking, and storage. Currently Thunder has developed 2 series of product lines: Silent Angel and Thunder Data.

Silent Angel product line aims at providing solutions for high-end consumer products. There are two products available named Bonn N8 and Z1. Both of them upgrade the level of Hi-Fi music enjoyment by improving the signal quality and server performance.

Thunder Data product line delivers a complete solution, which includes servers, storage, cloud service, of multiple nodes media playback deployment for such as hotel, school, ..., and so on.

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. keeps developing ecology based on Silent Angel and Thunder Data and become high resolution media content publishing platform provider in the future.


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