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Silent Angel Bonn N16-LPS

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Silent Angel Bonn N16-LPS Linear Powered 16 Ports Audiophile Switch with Zone Isolation Two... mehr
Produktinformationen "Silent Angel Bonn N16-LPS"

Silent Angel Bonn N16-LPS

Linear Powered 16 Ports Audiophile Switch with Zone Isolation

Two Isolated Zone for Network Traffic Isolation

N16 LPS has two isolated zones for network traffic isolation. Physical isolation avoid ethernet traffic intereference,so that the most critical audio player to get rids of unwanted network traffic.

Silent Angel Forester Technology Inside

To have stable, low noise, fast response power source, N16 LPS is equipped with Silent Angel Forester linear power module. By using fully symmetric circuit (in both transformer and circuit), this Forester linear power module provides two isolated power sources, that meets the high frequency loading nature of switch circuit and clock circuit, feeding two separated 8 port switch modules.

Flexible Mounting Options

With included rack mount brackets, N16 LPS can be mounted to a 19inch rack and consume 1U in height. Or you can use the included rubber pad to place N16 LPS on a flat and solid surface.


  • Dimensions: 441mm (W) x 166mm (D) x 44.1mm (H)
  • Device Weight: 3KG
  • Input: 230VAC or 115VAC 50/60Hz (with voltage selector)
  • Power LED:Green light on when power is on. 
    • Light on when port is linked up, flashes when active.
    • Green: 1000 Mbps 
    •  Amber: 100 Mbps 
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Silent Angel

Silent Angel

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. was founded by Dr. Eric Jian Huang, who was former CTO in EMC China. The background of team members covers server, network communication, data management, network storage software, hardware architect engineering, and product marketing. Thunder's CTO Chorus Chuang is also a specialist in network hardware, storage software, digital communication signal, and audio grade NAS.

To deliver solution for the upcoming 5G mobile and 8K video world in the future, the goal of Thunder team is to improve signals quality of computing, networking, and storage. Currently Thunder has developed 2 series of product lines: Silent Angel and Thunder Data.

Silent Angel product line aims at providing solutions for high-end consumer products. There are two products available named Bonn N8 and Z1. Both of them upgrade the level of Hi-Fi music enjoyment by improving the signal quality and server performance.

Thunder Data product line delivers a complete solution, which includes servers, storage, cloud service, of multiple nodes media playback deployment for such as hotel, school, ..., and so on.

Thunder Data Co. Ltd. keeps developing ecology based on Silent Angel and Thunder Data and become high resolution media content publishing platform provider in the future.

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