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The impression of sound with eyes and ears

HiFi Rose is a HiFi Media Player brand that resembles a rose.
ROSE' representative identity 'audio with screen' Users can operate the screen intuitively and conveniently, You can experience the deep impression of high-definition sound with video.

Pay attention to changes in lifestyle

ROSE focuses on the lifestyle of the music lover. Before the sudden change, the tool until yesterday is meaningless.
Right now, and for future music appreciation I thought of an optimal sound solution.

Dream of popularizing Hi-Fi Music

Travel to more charming music than any other trip in the world.
Reduce the burden on time and money and enjoy high-quality music.
Providing the technology to able to experience it.
That's the first goal of ROSE.

Make audio for tomorrow

I started with the idea that it was not enough to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology.
Meet professional speaker developers and IT technicians with the best passion and skill.
We have developed audio for tomorrow that adapts to the changed lifestyle.

Made a new standard for Audio

We want to extend the definition and functionality of audio through ROSE.
It plays close to the original sound.
ROSE will be the clearest standard for choosing audio.

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Rose RS201E - Netzwerkplayer Rose RS201E - Netzwerkplayer
Rose RS201E – Streamer / Netzwerkplayer RS201E is the HiFi Network Media Player that provides High Quality Sound, Ultra High Pixel Stream together with various type of Multi Media services based on HiFi Design Expertise and ROSE...
1.799,00 € *
Rose RS150 - Netzwerkplayer Rose RS150 - Netzwerkplayer
Rose RS150 - Streamer / Netzwerkplayer RS150 is High-Performance Network Streamer provides various multimedia services with high-quality sound and ultra-high-resolution video. Create your own high-quality sound station with RS150. Pure...
3.999,00 € *
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