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Produkte von Fluid Audio

Fluid Audio

Why Choose Fluid Audio?

It started by us producing great-sounding studio monitors.

We exist to help musicians and creators, and producers make great music using a variety of tools. Our speakers, audio interface, microphone, headphones, and other accessories offer best-in-class performance and excellent value for money, but without compromise. This is why music producers around the world choose our products. Our users range from those just starting to Grammy and Emmy-winning producers, mixers and engineers.

Our studio monitor range is designed to meet a wide variety of applications, from the deep lows of a Hip Hop mix to the soaring highs of a classical recording. In addition, our speaker design know-how is now being applied to bring great studio microphones, headphones and audio interfaces with the same best-in-class design. Whatever your need, you’ll be stunned by the sound and surprised by the cost!

We’ve received fantastic reviews of our products from some of the most respected publications in the studio world; check them out here.

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Fluid CX7 - Aussteller schwarz Fluid CX7 - Aussteller schwarz
Fluid Audio CX7 - Aussteller - Ausstellungsgerät mit voller Garantie - Farbe: schwarz - Die Gründer von Fluid Audio entwickeln seit über 25 Jahren Lautsprecher. Nach sorgfältiger Entwicklungsarbeit, Abstimmung und Intonation ist Fluid...
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