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DS Audio

DS Audio

Premium-Hersteller aus Japan für optische Tonabnehmer für Plattenspieler --------------------- 40 years of Dream, True creation of Optical cartridge It has been over 40 years since the first optical cartridge was introduced by Toshiba. Number of companies followed this master minded concept in Analogue technology. As a shooting star, it brightly appeared, and passed through Audio lovers’ minds with passionate sounds. They showed us a simple fact that “Free from Magnet” and “Simplest electronics” could bring us overwhelming advantages in Record play back. DS Audio succeeded this Master mind technology, inheriting their passion and love of music. We are proudly announcing our DS Audio Optical Cartridge, DS Master1, to you. This is our answer to those master minded pioneers in optical cartridge technology. Without them, we never reached here. And most of all, this is our answer to those who love analog music worldwide. We believe that DS Master1 brings you the ultimate capability of optical cartridge technology and the sound quality far reaching in different dimensions. It would be our highest honor when this optical cartridge makes your audio life enriched and fulfilled.


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