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Chord C-lite Toslink

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The Chord Company C-lite Toslink A new range of optical cables designed to perform in any... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chord C-lite Toslink"

The Chord Company C-lite Toslink

A new range of optical cables designed to perform in any situation that requires an optical connection. Two really good things are happening: first of all digital music is coming of age – not only that but it’s getting more and more affordable as well. Secondly, everything’s getting smaller.  There are devices that will hold a library of high definition music – and all in the palm of your hand. Miniature devices need miniature connections and stereo mini-jack sockets often double up as optical digital outputs.

The new Chord C-lite optical cable is available fitted with a specially designed optical mini jack connection that’s been purpose built for use with miniature players, yes there are adaptors but a properly terminated cable will work so much better, The C-lite range features mini jack to mini jack, mini jack to Toslink and Toslink all available in a wide range of sizes; from pocket size portable up to longer lengths for use in home systems.

The Chord C-lite uses a wide bandwidth PMA optical cable the ends of which have been polished to improve bandwidth.

The central conductor is protected by an internal jacket of soft PVC which is then covered with a hard skin PVC outer jacket. This helps to prevent crush damage and is flexible enough to allow a tight bend radius without affecting the light carrier.

The Chord C-lite is available in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, and 10m lengths in both Toslink to Toslink and mini-jack to Toslink configurations. For portable equipment, the C-lite is available in 15cm and 30cm lengths, in Toslink to mini-jack and mini-jack to mini-jack configurations.

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