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Vertere Pulse-HB Absolute Reference USB Digitalkabel

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  • JH-27208
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Vertere Pulse-HB USB Digitalkabel - 1m; A-B Technische Daten Typ    USB 2.0... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vertere Pulse-HB Absolute Reference USB Digitalkabel"

Vertere Pulse-HB USB Digitalkabel - 1m; A-B

Technische Daten

  • Typ   USB 2.0 Daten-/Digitalkabel
  • Terminierung und Länge  TypA / TypB 1,00 m (weitere Längen in 0,5 m Schritten)
  • Kabel-Typ x2 Daten, separater Strom, x1 GND
  • Leiter Hochreines Kupfer
  • Beschichtung Silber, Zinn
  • Isolierung  PTFE, PVC
  • Stecker Vertere Referenz Spezial
  • Abschirmung x2 Hauptgeflecht + innere Umwicklung
  • Größe 6.0mm Durchm.
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When aiming to reproduce the complexities of music, it’s all too easy to introduce even greater complication in the engineering of audio equipment, putting in place one element to solve the problems of another until the whole design escalates into something fiendishly intricate – and expensive!

That’s not the Vertere way: coming at the whole problem with decades of audio and mechanical engineering experience, plus close collaboration with the recording and mastering industry, we step back, take a long hard look at the fundamentals, and look for simple, elegant solutions.

That may sound like a simple ‘less is more’ philosophy, but we prefer to look at it this way: the best audio equipment shouldn’t add anything to the original recording. Rather it should affect it as little as possible; bringing the listener ever closer to what the artist, producer and mastering engineer wanted you to hear.

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