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Taga PF-2000 - Stromfilter

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Taga PF-2000 Clean electricity to improve the performance of your audio-video system. The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Taga PF-2000 - Stromfilter"

Taga PF-2000

Clean electricity to improve the performance of your audio-video system.

The electricity network in our homes or workplaces is exposed to different interferences for instance electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by appliances connected to the same network (refrigerators, air conditioners, computers etc.). These interferences are not only produced inside your house or office but by all appliances in your building or even outside it and can differ on the time of day or week when the traffic on the electrical network changes.
All these interferences which we call noises can get into your AC power and interfere with your system.
This “dirty” electricity can have a negative effect on performance of your audio-video system.

TAGA Harmony power noise filter is a great way to limit the negative noises from your electricity and to isolate your system from the contaminated power and has a feature to indicate the correct power phase.

Thanks to the PF-2000 you will be able to enjoy a better quality of your audio and video equipment.

The contaminated electricity has also a negative impact on internal circuits and power supplies of your equipment and because the PF-2000 works as a buffer between the wall socket and your gear it will help to increase the longevity of connected components.

The voltage meter located on the front panel of the PF-2000 helps to control whether the power voltage in the wall socket is stable.

Removable IEC type power cord gives an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.


  • Design Power noise filter
  • Sockets
    • 2 direct
    • 5 filtered
  • Total maximum power load 10A, 2500W (total for all power sockets)
  • Noise filter >-10dB (2 - 100MHz)
  • Max surge current 1000A
  • Max spike volt 3000V
  • Max clamping volt 470V
  • Features / accessories
    • Phase detector
    • Voltage meter
    • Removable IEC power cord
  • AC power / power consumption
    • 230V~240V 50/60Hz
    • 0.1W< (without any external devices plugged in)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 10 x 44 x 31 cm
  • Weight 5.1 kg / pc.
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The European founders of the TAGA Harmony brand Mr. Kokocinski (currently the CEO and the European Sales Director) from Poland and Mr. Richard from Germany started their involvement in the audio business in the early years of 1990. They were recognized music lovers and specialists in the high-end audio and were dealing with repair and sales of high-end audio equipment. They found out that most speaker brands that boasted top sound performance, offered their products at extremely high prices, but they did not really provide good sound quality. This prompted them to establish their own TAGA Harmony brand. At the beginning the company was operating in the field of sound engineering services and audio products enhancement. It took almost 2 years to develop first loudspeaker prototypes which met enthusiastic reception of audiophiles. Nowadays TAGA Harmony brand is offering high quality products for the hi-fi and audio-video market. Main types of products are: high-end, hi-fi and home theatre speakers, in-wall/in-ceiling and outdoor speakers, multimedia speakers, hi-fi electronics and accessories for speakers. ---- The meaning of TAGA logo is To Achieve Glorious Acoustics and it says everything about the people behind the brand, their passion, devotion, philosophy and constant striving to perfection. It is TAGA Harmony’s DNA. It means that everything what TAGA Harmony designs, engineers or builds has one goal in mind: to provide the best sound and joy to music lovers around the World. A strong basis for the logo was added: “HARMONY” to emphasize that on every step all products are created in harmony with nature.
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