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Roberts RT100 - Plattenspieler

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Roberts RT100 The sleek and stylish two-speed semi-automatic belt drive RT100 turntable is... mehr
Produktinformationen "Roberts RT100 - Plattenspieler"

Roberts RT100

The sleek and stylish two-speed semi-automatic belt drive RT100 turntable is the perfect companion for your much-loved vinyl records.

  • Built-in stereo preamplifier for simple auxiliary connection
  • Two speed (33 and 45 rpm) play options
  • Record vinyl to your computer
  • USB cable

Connect to just about anything

The built-in preamplifier lets you connect to any audio products that have an auxiliary input. So you can play your favorite vinyl through your favorite Roberts speaker or any sound system.

Play your records with ease

Enjoy your entire vinyl collection with the essential 33 and 45 r.p.m options. And with automatic rotation and simple cue lever, playing and cueing records couldn’t be easier.

Digitise your favourite vinyls

Wish you had your vinyl to enjoy on your smartphone?? Simply use the USB connection to record digital copies straight to your computer with audio recording software such as Audacity.


  • Anti-skating control Yes
  • Box contents Turntable, USB cable, Adaptor (UK and EU pins), Twin phono plugs, Stereo jack plug, Manual
  • Built-in preamplifier Yes
  • Connect to any device with an auxiliary input Connect to hi-fi system, radio, sound system, multi-room speaker, any device with an auxiliary input
  • DC input socket Yes
  • Mains adaptor type UK and EU pins
  • Makes digital recordings via PC Yes
  • Speed switch 33 r.p.m, 45 r.p.m
  • USB port for PC connection Yes
  • Warranty 2 years
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What makes a Roberts?

Since 1932, Roberts has set out to make audio products that give you more than just a listening experience. We know that when a product looks, feels and sounds sensational, everyday listening can change your day, set the mood and style your home.

Sound you can see

Every Roberts product is designed to be seen, touched and heard. From the iconic fifties-style Revival retro range, to cutting edge wireless speakers – we keep pushing our products to look as good as they sound.

Our audio origins

Founded nearly 90 years ago by good friends Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead, Roberts Radio began handcrafting portable radios – initially producing just three radios a week. Today we’re the UK market leader in portable radios, still delivering on the original Roberts philosophy: never compromise on quality and keep pushing the boundaries.

Our responsibility

A Roberts is designed to last. It’s a concept that leads to conscious choices about how we create our products – from high quality materials, and a continual focus on ways to reduce our environmental impact. The Planet Mark certification, showing our endeavours to reduce carbon emissions, is a step in the right direction on what is a committed and longer journey.

We proudly carry our Royal Warrants

Recognised for excellence, quality, service and innovation – we’re very proud to have been granted two Royal Warrants as manufacturers and suppliers of radio receivers to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales, since 1955 and 1985 respectively. So from your place, to the Palace, Roberts proudly has its place in British homes.

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