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REL HT/1205 Subwoofer schwarz

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  • JH-23052
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REL Acoustics HT/1205 HT/1205 home theater subwoofer delivers a brand new 500W Class D power... mehr
Produktinformationen "REL HT/1205 Subwoofer schwarz"

REL Acoustics HT/1205

HT/1205 home theater subwoofer delivers a brand new 500W Class D power amplifier design, coupled to a 12” (300mm) long travel driver to deliver extremely high output in an attractive design. HT is a powerhouse for dedicated high powered home theater applications, that will also transform the gaming experience and partners nicely with active wireless speakers.

Performance Home Theater

Serie HT is designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theater powered subwoofers. The HT/1205 is the ideal combination of a lightweight, modern 12” CarbonGlas™ (300mm) driver coupled to a powerful 500W Class D amplifier that runs cool, producing extraordinary dynamics. Internally, we developed specially adapted home theater input filters that produce extremely flat bass down in the 20’s.
We set out to build the loudest, relatively compact 12” unit available for pure home theater use, and at truly attractive pricing. You’ll be the judge of how well we accomplished that goal, but critics are already lining up for reviews. We believe the HT/1205 is destined to become a modern classic with svelte cabinet dimensions finished in an attractive, yet purposeful line grained black aluminum-look and topped by a 12mm thick beautifully polished top that serves to damp vibrations on the critical top surface of the cabinet.
For REL owners already enjoying our Reference , Serie S and T/i subwoofers designed for both 2-channel and theater use, the HT/1205 is designed to supplement their system’s .1/LFE output to produce extremely high output for chest rumbling home theater special effects.

Bring on the special effects

HT/1205 delivers a tough, simple, purpose-built appearance designed to communicate its sole mission; devastatingly high output home theater. The cabinet’s width is minimized reducing visual mass, whilst depth is maximized to produce the deepest bass. We selected tough, high-grade, horizontally oriented line-grained composite to wrap the entire cabinet, which offers easily handled, easy cleaning. This more basic design vocabulary differs from the more refined finishes found in our other lines, however the top surface that catches one’s eye is beautifully finished in 5 coats of hand rubbed lacquer, creating the visual appeal we’ve come to be known for.

Twelve-Inch CarbonGlas™ Driver

REL’s driver prowess is on full display with the HT/1205, a modern 12” CarbonGlas™ (300mm) driver that is both lightweight and extremely stiff. While many competitors drone along with relatively slow, heavy cones HT/1205’s uses tough, stiff carbon fibre over 60% of the driven surface, backed by lightweight glasfibre. Naturally, we use true high quality natural butyl surrounds as they remain soft and pliable for decades—something REL owners have come to expect. HT/1205’s new 12” CarbonGlas driver sets a new standard for affordable, high performance theater-specific drivers.

500W Amplifier

Warn the neighbors, it's movie night

500 Watts: To accomplish our single-minded goal of exceedingly high output for large-scale theater applications requires a special amplifier. Our NextGen5 Class D amplifier frees up interior space whilst running cool; this results in more cabinet volume and that translates into louder and deeper bass. 500 watts means the driver never is allowed to starve for power ensuring a long running, reliable design. Within HT-1205’s input filter, we designed in specific inverse filtering to permit our CarbonGlas driver to extend much deeper than traditional designs.

HT-Air™ (optional, not included)

Zero Compression Wireless Compatible

There is wireless and there is REL wireless. We are well-known for having the finest wireless purpose-built systems in the entire component audio world. Though HT-Air™ is affordable, it retains our corporate fixation on zero compression and maximum dynamics. HT-Air is designed to leave old fashioned Bluetooth-based systems in the dust, delivery latency in the 16-20 millisecond range. This permits owners to place your HT/1205 where it works best for you without resorting to unsightly cables being strewn across the landscape of your living room, all while retaining our category-leading super-fast wireless.



  • Closed box, front-firing driver

Active Driver Size & Material

  • 12 in., 300mm long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis

Passive Radiator Size & Material

  • NA

Low Frequency Extention

  • -6dB at 22 Hz

Input Connectors

  • Dual purpose Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA

Output Connectors

  • Daisy Chain Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA

Power Output

  • 500 watts (RMS)

Amplifier Type

  • NextGen5 Class D

Wireless Capability

  • HT Air Wireless (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip

Protection System

Fully Electronic Set Safe

  • Yes

D.C. Fault

  • Yes

Output Short

  • Yes

Mains Input Voltage

  • 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets


  • 8 Amp semi delay 230 or 115 volts operation


W x H x D

  • 15 x 16 x 15.7 in. (376 x 405 x 399 mm)

Net Weight

  • 38 lbs. (17.2 kg)


  • Line Grained Black Composite

Supplied Accessories

Mains Lead

  • Yes

Neutrik Speakon

  • NA


  • No
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REL Subwoofer

Wir stellen Subwoofer her. Das ist es. Das ist es. Nichts anderes. Keine Ablenkungen. Nichts, was unseren Fokus stiehlt. Keine Illusionen, dass wir in allem gut sein könnten. Kein Versuch, die ganze Welt zu erobern. Wir tun nur unser Bestes, um unser Fachgebiet zu perfektionieren.

Jeden Tag beginnen wir neu, um nur eine Absicht zu verfolgen, um den echtesten, perfekten und reinsten Klang zu erzeugen, um die ursprüngliche Absicht des Musikkünstlers einzufangen. Wir verwenden die hochwertigsten Materialien und setzen die anspruchsvollsten Bau-Vorgaben ein. Wir betrachten das Problem ganzheitlich. Wir verfolgen die Jagd nach dem perfekten Klangerlebnis mit einer obsessiven Leidenschaft und Kraft.

Wir tun das, weil wir den Klang lieben. Wir glauben, dass Klang Menschen mehr bewegen kann als jeder andere Sinn. Wir glauben, dass es die Integration des Basses über den perfekten Subwoofer ist, die alles andere der Musik besser macht. Und letztendlich ist es sehr erfreulich, wenn man dies gut macht und etwas von einzigartiger Qualität schafft, so dass man weiß, dass es inspirieren wird. Es macht die harte Arbeit und die Besessenheit über jedes einzelne Detail der Mühe wert. Das ist unsere Belohnung.

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