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Meze Elite - On Ear

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Meze Elite Meze Audio and Rinaro Isodynamics continue their collaboration for the release of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Meze Elite - On Ear"

Meze Elite

Meze Audio and Rinaro Isodynamics continue their collaboration for the release of the new ELITE Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphone. Combining the outstanding mechanical design and ergonomics from Meze Audio with the signature technology and acoustic engineering of Rinaro, ELITE is here to set a new standard in top-of-the-line headphone performance.


A core belief of Meze Audio is to create products that last through years and years of industry changes, bringing long-lasting value to the customer. Elite is no different.

From looks to technology, this headphone was designed to surpass all short-living trends and become a true heirloom.

Take a closer look to discover the highly complex geometrical imprint accentuated through the silver finish of the CNC aluminum frame.

A deep black grill with intricate carvings completes the look, turning ELITE into a futuristic take on personal audio design.

Materials were chosen not just for the exciting sensory experience their raw texture provides, but also for comfort and durability.

A carbon fiber headband with a real leather headrest were added to the frame, for an ultra-light feel and maximum durability.


The patent-pending suspension wings support system is elongated and curved at both ends, descending further on the side of the head and distributing the weight of the headphone evenly, for an utmost comfortable listening experience.


Creating a flagship headphone takes time and patience to do well, and it’s that kind of craftsmanship that separates the average from the great.

The process of making a single aluminum frame takes about 20 hours. To that, we add days of inspecting each part of the headphone, assembling the parts and making sure the final product rises up to our high standards. This can’t be achieved through mass-production and that means delivery times can be longer, but we guarantee it’s worth it.

ELITE is hand assembled with care and painstaking attention to detail in Baia Mare, Romania.


With a custom, newly designed driver, created by Rinaro Isodynamics, ELITE is the result of 3 years of research and development through which we strived to create a powerful, lifelike, and immersive experience that awakens the senses of the listener.


  • ULTRA LOW DISTORTION Total harmonic distortion (THD) measures under 0.05% in the whole frequency range.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT 75g combined driver weight designed to create a headphone that offers prolonged listening sessions.
  • ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION AUDIO Upper frequency limit of audio reproduction is 112,000 Hz.
  • RINARO PARUS® DIAPHRAGM An innovative low mass acoustic diaphragm constructed on an ultrathin biaxially oriented semi-crystalline film.
  • EASY TO DRIVE 101db@1mw/1kHz; 32Ohm; can be driven by almost any source without the need for amplification.
  • PATENTED ISODYNAMIC HYBRID ARRAY TECHNOLOGY One of the most sophisticated and advanced planar magnetic technologies in the world.
  • Driver Type Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array®
  • Operating Principle Open
  • Ear Coupling Circumaural
  • Frequency Response 3-112,000 Hz
  • Impedance 32 Ω
  • Nominal SPL 101 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
  • Maximum SPL  > 130 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.05%
  • Weight ~430g
  • Geometrical Shape Ovoid
  • Size 102 mm x 73 mm
  • Driver Weight 75 g
  • Casing Fibreglass reinforced polymer
  • Diaphragm Type Rinaro Parus® [MZ3SE]
  • Active Area 4650 mm2
  • Diaphragm Weight 0.11 g
  • Acoustic Mass 7.5 kg/m4
  • Lower Frequency Limit 3 Hz
  • Upper-Frequency Limit 112,000 Hz
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Was ist es, das alle Gimmicks, alles Trendige, alles Fragwürdige, alles Zerbrechliche, alles Deplatzierte überschreitet und hinter sich lässt? Die offensichtliche Antwort wäre Zeit. Und das ist auch die Antwort auf die Frage nach dem Geheimnis guten Designs: Nur sehr wenige Gegenstände erreichen so eine seltene Stimmigkeit und Qualität. Das ist das Ziel von Meze Audio: Dauerhafte Klassiker zu erschaffen. Die Leidenschaft für Musik und Kunst ist der Antrieb hinter Meze Kopfhörern. Wir haben unser Sortiment an Kopfhörern und Kopfhörern wie für uns selbst erschaffen. Seit Beginn des Unternehmens steht Meze zu seinen Werten. Wir sind noch nie den kurzfristigen Trends gefolgt und lassen die Audioqualität und das Design unserer Kopfhörer nicht durch Trends beeinflussen. Wir gestalten zeitlose Gegenstände, die in der nächsten Saison nicht aus der Mode gefallen sein werden. Und wir erreichen das durch Geduld und Hingabe.


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