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Gold Note B7 Ceramic Tonarm

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Gold Note B7 Ceramic A well designed tone arm should perform at its best with every cartridge... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gold Note B7 Ceramic Tonarm"

Gold Note B7 Ceramic

A well designed tone arm should perform at its best with every cartridge while keeping things simple and effective, being easy to install and use. Add quality materials and elegant looks and you'll have B-7 Ceramic.
Carefully hand made in Italy with only one purpose: make your cartridge dive deep into the vinyl and bring to life the most natural and detailed music.
Inside B-7 Ceramic you'll find four high precision micro ceramic ball-bearings manufactured in Germany by GRW, these ball-bearings are treated singularly and sealed to preserve their integrity and extreme precision, a crucial factor to enable noiseless functionality to let you enjoy every single nuance in your records.
B-7 Ceramic effective length of 242mm with 19mm overhang makes it easy to install on any turntable.
The Azimuth is adjustable through a pair of 2mm micro bolts to set up the shell perfectly.
The rear arm wand is dampened with silicon spacer to reduce unwanted vibrations and handles a finely machined Stainless Steel counterweight to set up most phono cartridges (up to 15 gram mass).
The vertical ultra-low friction ceramic ball-bearings are pivoted through stainless steel bolts manually adjusted, the horizontal movement is driven by two micro ball-bearings directly inserted in the main rectified pivot.
With a 23mm diameter arm shaft, B-7 Ceramic can be secured on every turntable, improving performances and every day pleasure.


  • Typology: 9” Ball Bearing Tonearm
  • Total length: 325mm
  • Total weight: 200g
  • Effective length: 242mm
  • Overhang: 19mm
  • Offset: 24°
  • Arm wand: titanium with 6 different sections
  • Shaft: 23mm
  • Dynamic effective mass: 10g
  • VTF: 0.186N (19g)
  • VTA: adjustable on collar
  • Lift: hydraulic
  • Anti skating: wire
  • Azimuth: adjustable on the headshell
  • Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,99% OFC
  • External cables: 1,5m 4 pole DIN/RCA
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Gold Note

From a very young age the passion for music and its instruments of reproduction have marked my life so much to condition every choice I made. I desired to be able to offer the greater audience ideas and technical potentials with an all-Italian brand specialized in Hi-Fi created by a team with years of experience in the field.
In 2012, with my wife Elena, my partner Alessio and a team of specialized technicians and engineers I founded GOLD NOTE, profiting from previous work experiences in the same industry. Together we created a High-End audio brand which since the start wanted to speak a simple but evocative language in order to bring the best of “Made in Italy” to the whole world.
In my opinion, one of the greatest peculiarities of this brand is its “double glance”, our business vision which in some ways is directed to the past, but at the same time to the future. On the outside, this approach is expressed by forms we give to our creations which prove a strong references to the artistic history of Tuscany though representing our point of view on the future of quality listening. The same thing is true on the inside of our products which are designed based on the cornerstone elements of the audiofile tradition but introducing new features and using components of information technology unknown to these kind of products until recently.
The spirit of our audio equipment stems from the fusion of past and future. This means that we don’t see a contradiction in combining avant-garde technological innovations with a design that seeks ties with tradition.
The Renaissance of our city Florence is a role model to be inspired by every day, a period of great technological innovation and new ideas, and this is the tradition we are interested in - it is our mission to reread it with deference and respect to obtain a direct connection with that innovative spirit of six centuries ago.
Today Gold Note presents a line of unique, perfectly coherent and elegant products that allow you to set up an entire quality stereo system with turntables, electronics and loudspeakers. A philosophy that has allowed us to represent Italy, the most beautiful country in the world, as I have always dreamed of doing.


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