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customdesign Milan Reference 10 XL Klarglas

customdesign Milan Reference 10 XL Klarglas
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  • JH-27661
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customdesign Milan Reference 10 XL Design-Rack mit 10mm Glasscheiben wahlweise Klar oder... mehr
Produktinformationen "customdesign Milan Reference 10 XL Klarglas"

customdesign Milan Reference 10 XL

Design-Rack mit 10mm Glasscheiben wahlweise Klar oder Schwarz

  • Holzfarben: Walnut, White, Black, Cherry
  • Standardhöhe der Fächer: 110mm Bodenelement, 150mm Fachhöhe
  • Maße außen: 620mm x 510mm / innen 530mm x 510mm
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HiFi Furniture Isolation specialist, Custom Design, Speaker Stand Supports, Speaker Stand Design, Hifi Furniture, Hifi Tables, Hifi Supports, HiFi Stands, HiFi Equipment Support, HiFi Equipment Stands, HiFi Equipment Tables, HiFi Isolation Supports, HiFi Isolation Tables, HiFi Isolation Stands, HiFi Accessories, HiFi Isolation Accessories Designed and Custom Built by Custom Design a HiFi Furniture specialist who manufacturers in the UK with a custom built Speaker Stand service..

It is essential to know the real business, an English Company who design and manufacture in the UK. Custom Design are a family company committed to creating innovative, specialist Speaker Stands, Hi-Fi Furniture and Audio Visual Furniture. For peoples expectations to be meet and exceeded it is essential that customer service, product quality and design be of the highest standard. By integrating modern manufacturing techniques, embracing new exciting materials and combining contemporary and classic design we have an opportunity to create a difference. We believe sound has never looked better.
The philosophy of Custom Design is to question and challenge it’s own ideas, which start with design and finish with attention to detail. The creativity of our designer and with over 34 years of design and manufacturing experience, we are proud to present the most comprehensive range of award winning Speaker Stand designs and Hi-Fi Furniture with complimenting Audio Visual Furniture.
All of the real hard wood designs are manufactured with wood harvested from only FSC certified and professionally managed forests. Thanks to techniques of sustained yield forest management more hardwoods have been grown in the past 30 years than have been harvested. All parcels of land are managed in a sustainable fashion with continual regeneration of hardwood resources, proper logging and restoration for long-term utilization. Your cardboard packaging from Custom Design is manufactured from at least 76% recycled material which can be 100% recycled.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. If you require anymore information please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Paul Morton  (Managing Director)


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