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Chord Sarum T Power Chord Sarum T Power
The Chord Company Sarum T Super ARAY Sarum T Power Das The Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY ist ein herausragendes Netzkabel, das ohne weiteres im Bereich der High-End-Kabel anzusiedeln ist. Dank der hochwertigen Verarbeitung, der...
2.395,00 € *
Chord Signature Tuned ARAY Power Chord Signature Tuned ARAY Power
The Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY Power Our first venture into the controversial world of hi-fi power cables began with the Chord Power Chord. With the knowledge we’d gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding...
695,00 € *
Chord C-Power Chord C-Power
The Chord Company C-Power The C-power is a no-nonsense shielded mains cable, it doesn’t magically transform the quality of your mains supply but it does prevent localised high frequency interference affecting the ultimate performance of...
75,00 € *
Chord ChordMusic Power Chord Chord Music Power
The Chord Company ChordMusic Power Our Flagship mains cable uses the highest possible level of materials and build techniques. ChordMusic cables are an hybrid design using differing internal cables, shielding and ARAY designs. Enormous...
6.250,00 € *
Chord Shawline Power Chord Chord Shawline Power Chord
The Chord Company Shawline Power Chord A high specification mains cable – designed, hand-built and rigorously tested in the UK. An updated and reworked version of the previous Power Chord, now featuring an improved, thicker stranded...
249,00 € *
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