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Campfire Audio Mammoth - In-Ear

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Campfire Audio Mammoth Mighty Beast Across the vast tundra, a massive beast roams free;... mehr
Produktinformationen "Campfire Audio Mammoth - In-Ear"

Campfire Audio Mammoth

Mighty Beast

Across the vast tundra, a massive beast roams free; Mammoth. Mammoth’s muscular musical definition and epic sonic proportions summon images of its namesake’s grandeur.

The Campfire Audio Mammoth has a bold and vibrant sound that offers a surprising combination of visceral fun and technical brawn. It is an earphone you’ll find yourself turning to again and again as it injects raw power to propel your favorite recordings to new sonic heights.

Tusks & Bone

Formidable Hybrid Technology

This hybrid beast delivers enormous amounts of fun. Your favorite tracks are given a new life with the expansive outstretched sound stage and meaty frequency response. Hunting for new tracks and returning to old favorites has a new excitement with Mammoth. Its primal sound engages you immediately with its incredible presence, triggering a flood of endorphins each time you listen.

The ‘guts’ of this creation contain a custom balanced armature for highs, a single custom BA for mids, and a new custom 10mm bio-cellulose diaphragm dynamic driver. This dynamic driver has an old-school sound; floor toms, kicks, and bass hits to holographic realism.

Aurora Allure

Channeling Northern Lights

The Campfire Audio Mammoth is adorned with glow-in-the-dark elements. The Campfire Audio inlay logo, the new ‘Smoky Glow’ cable overmolds, and the ‘All Seeing Eye’ case features. Charge them with light and enjoy the show when the lights go out, and the stars come into view.

The Mammoth shell is machined from aluminum and anodized ‘frozen tundra’ blue. It is set with black tri-lobe screws, and a black PVD finished stainless steel spout. Mammoth is completed with our custom beryllium copper mmcx connector, ensuring years of stable performance from your cable connection.

All Seeing Eye


Upcycled Marine Plastic in the form of SEAQUAL® YARN makes up the rugged outer layer of our Campfire Audio Mammoth zipper case. Lume zipper and plaque provide exceptional glow performance. The new smooth pulling plastic tooth zipper offers a superior experience.

Each case pattern design is unique, and each is one of a kind. Our ‘All-Seeing Eye’ color palette ranges from playful soft oranges to vibrant pinks. Mysterious geometric shapes float freely and collide in unexpected ways. These are fun cases that protect your earphones and give you something fun to enjoy.


  • 5Hz–20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 18.16 mVrms
  • 8.1 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance


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Campfire Audio

Ken started Audio Line Out by hand-building some of the finest portable cables in the world. His efforts grew that company from his basement into ALO audio; of the most well-regarded names in personal audio. A long line of successful amplifiers and cables spread and cemented that reputation, which remains firmly in place today.

Campfire Audio began much in the same way as ALO audio. Experimenting with materials and techniques to create something special for the people who care most about it. And with the same determination the early prototype earphones eventually got great.

We launched the Jupiter, Orion and Lyra in the late Summer of 2015. In the Spring of 2016, we introduced the Nova and Andromeda. The Fall of 2016 we introduced our liquid alloy metal line; Lyra II, Dorado, and Vega. In August 2017 we introduced Polaris. In February 2018 we introduced our first headphone, Cascade. April 2018 we announced Comet and Atlas. Andromeda S was announced in August 2018 in Hong Kong. Our first Equinox Beta program was rolled out at the same time. Solaris was introduced in Tokyo, Japan at the end of October 2018.

As our development continues we refined our original ideas and prototypes into our current model lineup. Each earphone is the culmination of countless iterations, hours of listening and rigorous performance testing.

Rest assured that when you purchase a Campfire Audio earphone, you are the proud owner of a world-class earphone from a company that stands behind its products.

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