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Ayon Audio S-3 Junior

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Ayon S-3 Junior Many of our clients have asked in the past for a more affordable... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ayon Audio S-3 Junior"

Ayon S-3 Junior

Many of our clients have asked in the past for a more affordable Network-Player based on the famous S-3. The downgraded S-3 "junior" version is the answer and offers many design highlights from its bigger brother, the S-3.

One of the major changes at the S-3 "junior" are the power supply system and the tube output stage.

We did the downgrading very carefully and the S-3 "junior" version offer maximum flexibility and a top sound performance in its price class that you would expect from an Ayon product with.

Features & Design

Full-featured Network Music Player/DAC/Preamp
Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation

Signal Path

We believe that the simplest circuits work best together with the shortest signal path. That is why our pre-amplifiers to date have used single-ended pure class-A circuitry. The shorter the signal path is, the less possibility of sonic degradation from various sources, including the wire itself. Even on the circuit boards, the copper traces are kept to a very minimum length. The completely redesigned circuit board provides a more straightforward and direct approach to the signal paths.

Network Player

° User interface on QVGA 3.5" TFT display
° Internet radio (vTuner)
° UPnP streaming from NAS or PC via Ethernet
° Support for 802.11n modules
° Streaming audio from USB HS
° WAV - 24/192 kHz
° FLAC - 24/192 kHz
° AAC, HE-AAC (up to 24bit 96 kHz)
° LPCM (up to 24/192 kHz on wired LAN and up to 24/96 kHz on wireless LAN)
° Gapless playback

● Logical sequenced soft-start power up for extended tube life
● Warm up function
● 0dB negative feedback (of any kind )
● Ultra short signal path
● Simplest direct circuit path for purest musical sound and high reliability
● Low output impedance for driving long runs interconnect to an amplifier, and any tube or solid state power amp
● No solid state devices in the analog tube output (signal path)
● Minimal discrete wiring for optimum signal propagation
● No followers or buffers in the signal path
● No DC servo that degrades the signal
● High quality parts throughout
● Separate analog output stage for left and right channel
● Burr Brown D/A converter
● Upsampling 24/192 kHz and on/off switchable
● Ethernet ( RJ45 )
● Memory stick or USB drive
● Digital input - S/PDIF (RCA), I2S , AES/EBU, BNC & TosLink
● 2 x USB "A" type inputs (24/192 kHz)
● Digital output - S/PDIF (RCA)
● Analog volume control system
● 2 pair analog input ( RCA)
● 1 pair Tape out ( RCA )
● Separate Display for Network-Player and Volume/ Inputs

Power Supply

The power supplies have been further refined with new components and enhanced AC line noise filtration. Separate power transformer windings and filters provide total isolation between the input and output stage which makes this a pure power source and it is a critical attribute for a 6922 output stage. We also use electrolytic capacitors with much larger storage capacity to make up for the loss in filtering when using resistors in lieu of inductors.

● Dual R-Core / Low noise - insulated power transformers for digital & analog separated
● Innovative power supply provides a high speed energy delivery on transients
● Separate and isolated power supplies over each stage of amplification
● AC power line filter to avoid noise and hash from entering into the unit.
● Dual tube rectification for 6922 analog output stage
● Choke
● 8 separate voltage regulators


The type of parts used therefore must have a synergistic relationship to the circuit they are placed in. It is this relationship of which type of part to use where, that ranks our products apart from the mass.

● Selected, premium quality passive components used in all applications
● High speed & high quality coupling capacitors
● High quality special tube sockets with gold pins
● Capacitors ( MKP)
● High quality - RCA & XLR jack
● Gold-plated industrial grade PCB

Mechanical Construction

The high grade aluminum chassis impart a richer, more lustrous tonality with a cleaner back-ground and less hash and grain. All brushed anodized anti-vibration-resonance and non-magnetic chassis's are fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship.

● AC phase polarity control indicator
● The aluminium feet are resonance absorbing types
● Metal remote commander
● Chassis finish: black / chrome



Ayon S-3 "Junior"

Conversion rate

192kHz / 24 bit

Tube complement


Dynamic range

> 118dB

Channel separation

>105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Output level @1 kHz / 0,775V -0dB /RCA

2V fixed or 0 - 2V rms variable

Output impedance Single-Ended-RCA

~ 900 Ω

Digital output


Digital inputs

75 Ω S/PDIF (RCA & up to 24/192kHz), TosLink (up to 24/192kHz)

110 Ω AES/EBU (up to 24/192kHz)

75 Ω BNC (up to 24/192kHz)

I2S (up to 24/192kHz)

Front mounted USB type 'A' socket for USB "pen"/hard disk drive

Rear mounted USB type 'A' socket for USB "pen"/hard disk drive

Network inputs

RP-SMA plug Wifi Aerial input ("wireless" network connection) 802.11b/g

UTP RJ45 10/100Mbps socket ("wired" network connection)

S/N ratio

> 110 dB

Frequency response

10Hz - 50kHz +/- 0.3dB

Total harmonic distortion @ 1kHz

< 0.002%

Remote control


Analog - Line Inputs & output

2 pair RCA and 1 pair RCA out

Analog - Main outputs

1 pair / RCA & 1 pair / XLR

Dimension (Wide x Deep - incl. terminals x High - incl. feet) cm

48 x 39 x 12 cm

Weight, unit only

12 kg


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Ayon Audio
Die Marke Ayon steht für fortschrittlichste Röhrentechnik – entworfen und hergestellt in Österreich. Ayon entwirft seine Verstärker und Lautsprecher gezielt für die Bedürfnisse von anspruchsvollen Musikliebhabern, die Musik als ein wertvolles Geschenk betrachten. So ist Ayon immer auf der Suche nach der natürlichsten und detailgetreusten Wiedergabe. Im Programm von Ayon finden sich eine Vielzahl von ausgezeichneten Hochleistungs-Audio-Komponenten wie beispielsweise Verstärker, Vorstufen, Phono-Vorstufen, CD-Player, Netzwerkstreamer, DA-Wandler etc. Jede Komponente wird sorgfältig und ideenreich von der Ayon-Ingenieuren konstruiert und vereint beste Schaltungen, modernste Technologien und neuste Fertigungsprinzipien in sich, um einen optimalen Klang tiefgründiger Musikalität zu erhalten. Angesetzt wird bei der Konstruktion und Entwicklung hochwertiger Hochleistungs-Endröhren. Mit Hilfe dieser ausgezeichneten Röhren können dann hervorragende Röhrenverstärker – mit Trioden und Pentoden – oder auch CD-Player sowie DA-Wandler mit Röhrenausgangsstufe entworfen werden. Um ein für die Zukunft gerüstetes Produkt zu schaffen, werden stets neuste Technologien verwendet und Optionen auf Ergänzung neuer Erweiterungen offen gehalten – so lassen sich die Ayon Komponenten lange flexibel nutzen und die Investition bleibt gewahrt. Neben den zahlreichen technischen Raffinessen bieten die Ayon Komponenten eine hervorragende Verarbeitung, die Verwendung bester Materialien und ein sehr elegantes Design - ein zeitloser Wert bescheidener Eleganz in einer perfekten Verarbeitung.
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