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Produkte von Atlas

Performance is everything. In search of outstanding performance from entry level to ‘high-end,’ we research, test, measure and listen. Many of our products have gathered extensive praise and multiple awards over the years, becoming best-sellers around the world. We continually refine our design and manufacturing processes, always looking for ways to make sure our customers get the best possible performance from their systems.
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Atlas Element XLR Atlas Element XLR
ATLAS Element XLR Based on our multi-award winning Element Integra interconnect, the Element XLR utilises a shielded four-core construction providing excellent immunity to interference and noise, making it ideally suited to longer cable...
249,99 € *
Atlas Hyper dd XLR Atlas Hyper dd XLR
ATLAS Hyper dd XLR The latest generation Hyper dd XLR interconnect offers a sophisticated, evenly balanced sound which draws you into the musical performance. Balanced connector with optimum audio performance via ‘trickle-down’ dd...
649,99 € *
Atlas Ascent XLR Atlas Ascent XLR
ATLAS Ascent XLR A symmetrical wide-band, dynamic interconnect, designed to be an high performance choice for balanced system configurations. Ascent XLR offers superb performance with true ‘high-end’ levels of transparency. Atlas use...
900,00 € *
Atlas Mavros XLR Atlas Mavros XLR
ATLAS Mavros XLR XLR interconnect cable based on the same design objectives and manufacturing techniques developed for our Asimi range, utilising copper rather than silver conductors. The Mavros XLR is a superb interconnect designed to...
1.300,00 € *
Atlas Asimi XLR Atlas Asimi XLR
ATLAS Asimi XLR The Asimi XLR is engineered to maximise the performance of ‘high-end’ audio systems by achieving maximum signal transfer. The Asimi XLR is a state-of-the-art interconnect designed to be effectively ‘invisible’ in the...
4.000,00 € *
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