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Atlas Zeno - Kopfhörerverlängeung

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Atlas Zeno Our Zeno headphone cables are designed to offer a significant upgrade over the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Atlas Zeno - Kopfhörerverlängeung"

Atlas Zeno

Our Zeno headphone cables are designed to offer a significant upgrade over the cables bundled with even very expensive headphones. Zeno can be configured with 1:1 (cable plugs into one earpiece, typically as used by AKG, B&W, Oppo and Sennheiser) or 1:2 (cable plugs into both earpieces, as used by Audeze, HiFiMan, Oppo, Sennheiser and Ultrasone) connectors.

While our ‘standard’ connector options suit popular makes/models, we know there are numerous headphones out there with unusual or unique connector configurations, eg. HiFiMan HE500, Mr Speakers Alpha Dog & Sennheiser HD800, Because we manufacture Zeno cables in the UK, we’re confident we can build you a superb cable whatever your amp/headphone requirements, so get in touch.

‘High-end’ headphones are growing in popularity at an extraordinary rate, but many users quickly come to realise that the original cables supplied with many models tend to be of average quality, not very durable and are supplied in typically quite short lengths.

Our Zeno cables are a high performance OCC copper replacement cable for dynamic headphones (not electrostatics) from most audiophile brands. If you don’t see your brand listed, please contact us, we may be able to help. Because Atlas design & manufacture in-house, we can accept most custom build requests.

To achieve our design and performance goals for Zeno, we employed our proven cold-weld solder-free construction methods, the objective being to produce a signal path with the minimum of the breaks in continuity which degrade fidelity. Staying true to our design principles meant designing a new family of low-mass, wide bandwidth connectors. These Metik connectors are available in 2.5, 3.5mm & 6.3mm jack plugs plus a 4 pin XLR version in our ‘dark chrome’ finish.

Standard lengths available are from 1.5–4m in 0.5m increments, with custom lengths available on request.


  • Construction Twin Co-ax
  • Conductor OCC Copper
  • Dielectric FEP
  • Conductor Resistance 0.123 0.123 Ohms/m at 20°C
  • Capacitance 121.95 122.3 pF/m
  • Inductance 0.307 0.306 µH/m
  • Outside Diameter 7.0mm
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Performance is everything. In search of outstanding performance from entry level to ‘high-end,’ we research, test, measure and listen. Many of our products have gathered extensive praise and multiple awards over the years, becoming best-sellers around the world. We continually refine our design and manufacturing processes, always looking for ways to make sure our customers get the best possible performance from their systems.
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