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Atlas Metik 3.5mm - Kopfhörerverlängerung

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  • JH-24820
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Atlas Element & Hyper Metik 3.5mm 3.5mm outputs are increasingly common with the surge in... mehr
Produktinformationen "Atlas Metik 3.5mm - Kopfhörerverlängerung"

Atlas Element & Hyper Metik 3.5mm

3.5mm outputs are increasingly common with the surge in popularity of ‘dual purpose’ personal audio devices and portable DACs. Many of these devices are also used in home hifi systems, but until recently, there have been few interconnects with 3.5mm connectors which haven’t suffered limited performance compared to normal RCA cables.

The Metik range of cold-weld jack plugs brings the solder-free continuous signal path principles of our Integra and Ultra RCA connectors to portable device interconnects. Machined with precision copper-alloy contacts, with PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric, these cables are a superb choice for connecting mobile devices without compromising sound quality.

Conventional jack plugs typically suffer degraded signal integrity,principally by using low-grade components, soldered connections and/or screw fixings which distort the cable dielectric (insulation), which produces measurable changes in the cable’s impedance. RCA connectors are our low-mass Integra phono plugs.

Metik connectors are available in 3.5 & 6.3mm stereo and 2.5mm mono gold-plated options enclosed within a light-weight aluminium alloy cobalt finished sleeve.


Emement Metik 3.5mm - Integra RCA / - 3.5mm

  • Construction 4 core plus screen
  • Material OFC
  • Dielectric PEF
  • Screen Braid OFC, 85%
  • Capacitance 83.34 pF/m
  • Inductance 0.512 µH/m
  • Resistance 0. 0810 Ohms/m
  • Outside Diameter 6.5mm

Hyper Metik 3.5mm - Integra RCA

  • Construction Twin twisted pair multicore, dual drain
  • Material 6n OCC Copper
  • Dielectric PEF
  • Screen OFC 94.2% – 252 strands
  • Capacitance 71.54 pF/m
  • Inductance 0.542 µH/m
  • Resistance 0.0239 Ohms/m
  • VOP 0.682
  • Outside Diameter 10.0mm

Element Metik - Integra S/PDIF

  • Construction Co-ax
  • Material Silver Plated OFC
  • Dielectric PEF (Foamed Polyethylene)
  • Screen OFC, 85%
  • Capacitance 63.03 pF/m
  • Inductance 0.3735 µH/m
  • Resistance 0.1612
  • Outside Diameter 6.0mm
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