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Atlas Equator optical

Atlas Equator optical
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Atlas Equator optical A digital interconnect with a neutral, open sound, offering an... mehr
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Atlas Equator optical

A digital interconnect with a neutral, open sound, offering an excellent performance upgrade over supplied ‘freebie’ cables.

Toslink (optical) connections have become increasingly popular for audio use with the rise of ‘dual purpose’ personal audio players and networked devices from Amazon, Google, etc – which are frequently connected to home hifi systems.

The basic ‘bundled’ Toslink cables typically suffer from a number of issues which degrade the performance of the system. Typically these issues include poor quality core conductor materials, poor matching of conductor to connectors and poor fit of connectors to equipment sockets. These flaws typically combine in very poor ‘jitter’ performance which gives a grainy, tonally bleached sound characteristic of poor quality digital audio.

Atlas Toslink cables are designed to specifically address these issues. Construction of the cable begins with a high quality light conducting optical fibre. A thermal barrier protects the delicate fibre from heat warping and a mechanical outer barrier is applied to protect the assembly from damage. The ends are then precision polished in order to reduce harmful reflections. With efficient non-deleting light transfer characteristics, the sound quality the Equator fibre optical cable provides, in common with all Atlas interconnects, is full, relaxed and transparent.


  • Construction Single Fibre
  • Material PMMA
  • Outside Diameter 7mm
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