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Atlas Eos dd Power Cable

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Atlas Eos dd Power Cable Quality of mains power can have a real impact on the performance of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Atlas Eos dd Power Cable"

Atlas Eos dd Power Cable

Quality of mains power can have a real impact on the performance of hifi & home cinema systems. A quality power supply to your components requires cables designed to be resistant to both external RF interference and generated noise on the mains itself.

The Eos dd Power Cable uses OFC conductors in a sophisticated fully screened configuration, implementing our ‘dd’ (dual drain) screening in an entry-level power cable for the first time.

Electical, radio frequency and electromagnetic noise pollution floods our homes and daily life. Our replay equipment has come under assault by extraneous high energy broad spectrum noise, both airborne and directly induced through the mains supply circuits. Wi-fi networks, BlueTooth devices, mobile & domestic cordless phones, ‘wallwart’ power adapters, low voltage light bulbs & dimmer switches are among the worst noise-generating culprits.

Eos power cables are designed specifically to allow your equipment to perform properly. Built around high purity low resistance OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), with low series resistance, high-efficiency dielectrics and extensive screening, Eos power cables effectively filter out harmful incoming radio frequency and power contamination, dumping these rapidly to earth.

The Eos dd utilises our high purity, low resistance, oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors,contained in a highly-stabilised PVC dielectric. The dd (dual drain) conductors and the power conductors, are then enclosed by anti-vibration layer and an innovative hybrid carbon-loaded polymer screen. The assembly is then wrapped in a royal blue PVC sleeve.

The ‘dd’ configuration is a simplified version of the techniques we developed for our top-of-the-range Mavros and Asimi interconnects. Twin symmetrical drain wires connect the screen to the cable return/plug interface, meaning the cable can be terminated without distorting, twisting or mechanically stressing the screen. The benefits are a consistent low impedance load to the plug, and a total 360° screening against noise and signal loss caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).


  • Construction Multicore, dual drain
  • Material OFC
  • Dielectric Stabilised PVC
  • Screen Carbon-loaded hybrid screen
  • Capacitance 95.08Pf/m
  • Inductance 0.43 µH/m
  • Resistance 0.0859 Ohm/m
  • Outside Diameter 9.5mm
  • Current Capacity 20A
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