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Atlas Element HDMI 18G

Atlas Element HDMI 18G
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Atlas Element HDMI 18G A high speed digital cable building upon the success of our 2nd... mehr
Produktinformationen "Atlas Element HDMI 18G"

Atlas Element HDMI 18G

A high speed digital cable building upon the success of our 2nd generation Atlas Element 4k HDMI. The Element HDMI 18G has been engineered to deliver the full bandwidth requirements of the HDMI 2.0a specification – 18Gbps over extended lengths up to 4m with extremely low jitter rates.

The Element HDMI 18G with Ethernet was specifically designed by our digital engineers to deliver optimal bandwidth and maximum fidelity in advanced home cinema systems. Atlas consider sound quality is just as important as video performance in creating an immersive user experience.

The design utilises high-purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors insulated by a super rigid and geometrically stable Polyethylene dielectric to deliver fast, accurate signals between source and destination components. An advanced conductor topology and precision twisted construction enables us to achieve consistent data transmission and maintain constant impedance. Combined with sophisticated triple-layer shielding, the Element 18G minimises the timing issues which potentially degrade performance by increasing the error correction required by any digital receiver. If the display device is continually checking and correcting errors, this impacts the power supplies, the clocking circuits and the digital to analogue converters. This manifests directly in increased power dissipation, higher heat output and ultimately poorer sound quality.

Finally a precision die-cast metal connectors offer improved retention force ensures a precise, secure connection (loose-fitting connectors can be a cause of signal loss).


  • Construction 19 conductor multicore
  • Material OFC
  • Dielectric Data PEF, Power HDPE
  • Screen Braid & Mylar™, 100%
  • Outside Diameter 7.0mm
  • Data Bandwidth 18GB/s
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