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Chord Clearway Analogue XLR

Chord Clearway Analogue XLR
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Chord Clearway Analogue XLR We’ve taken the design from the award winning C-line and... mehr
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Chord Clearway Analogue XLR

We’ve taken the design from the award winning C-line and upgraded all the materials to produce an outstanding value for money handmade high-performance analogue interconnect.

The Clearway interconnect uses the same ARAY conductor geometry that we first used on the Chord C-line, and we’ve upgraded all the materials, The ARAY geometry conductors are heavier gauge oxygen free copper, insulation has been upgraded to FEP and the shielding is a dual-layer counter-wound heavy gauge foil design.

The improvements mean that the Clearway carries more musical detail. Dynamics are better, instruments and voices sound more realistic and there is better definition and clarity. The Clearway will let you see further into and get more involved with the music you listen to. Right now cables need to be better than ever, there are very affordable turn tables and digital players that deliver music with real coherence.  The jump in performance over the past couple of years has been amazing, especially in relation to less expensive equipment. They need a new generation of cables, and those cables need to be able to carry a signal with the musical coherence that the new digital and analogue players are producing.

The design of the Clearway Analogue cable means that we can adapt the ARAY conductor configuration to produce a particularly good XLR terminated cable. The design allows using identical conductors for the hot, cold and earth connections. This allows us to produce an exceptionally neutral and musically transparent Clearway Analogue XLR cable.  The Clearway analogue is fitted with Neutrik silver-plated XLR plugs. Standard lengths are 1m and 0.5m, with custom lengths available to order.

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