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Chord ChordMusic Streamingkabel

Chord ChordMusic Streamingkabel
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The Chord Company ChordMusic Streamingkabel Every now and then something really surprises us... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chord ChordMusic Streamingkabel"

The Chord Company ChordMusic Streamingkabel

Every now and then something really surprises us and the ChordMusic streaming cable did just that.

The track played was “Sand Castles” by Beyoncé and like other ChordMusic cables, turned it into a real living musical performance in our demo room. After experiencing the capability of Taylon® insulated analogue and digital cables, we had to design a streaming cable too.

The streaming cable follows the same principles that we use on the other ChordMusic cables. Silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors, Taylon® insulation and multiple layers of high frequency shielding protected with a white PTFE outer jacket.  The super ARAY conductor geometry is the version we developed for the Sarum streaming cable and it’s fitted with the noise reduction material and external shield that we use on all the ChordMusic cables.

The RJ45 plug is the same that we use on our other Tuned and Super ARAY streaming cables. It’s built with high degree of precision, contacts are gold-plated, the body is plastic rather than metal, and we can modify it so we can solder the conductors into place.

We’ve used the ChordMusic streaming cable with the acknowledged class leading streamers, cutting edge digital amplifiers as well as the do-it-all integrated amps and pre-amps. In every case it bought layers (and layers) of musical detail and transformed the sound – ie. The decay of a piano note left to die naturally at the end of a song, revealing the timbres and overtones.

Find your nearest ChordMusic dealer, borrow the ChordMusic streaming cable and try it between the switch and the streamer. Just be prepared to lose the weekend listening to music.

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