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Chord C-Power

Chord C-Power
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  • JH-22499
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The Chord Company C-Power The C-power is a no-nonsense shielded mains cable, it doesn’t... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chord C-Power"

The Chord Company C-Power

The C-power is a no-nonsense shielded mains cable, it doesn’t magically transform the quality of your mains supply but it does prevent localised high frequency interference affecting the ultimate performance of your system. Shielded power cables can help reduce levels of noise that mask musical detail – so important when it comes to getting the most pleasure and involvement from your favourite music or films.  Shielded mains cables won’t just improve your listening experience they can also enhance the viewing enjoyment as well.

The Chord C-power differs from our other mains cables.  It is fitted with over-moulded plugs.  There are reasons for not dismissing these, as they have certain advantages.  Firstly the connections within the plugs are made using a high pressure crimping technique. This means there are no screw connections.  Secondly the nature of the over-moulding process means that the conductors are held firmly in place and are not subject to mechanically induced noise.

Technical Specifications

Conductors 3 x 14 AWG high purity multi-strand copper conductors.
Configuration Parallel conductor layout, high frequency effective floating shield.
Insulation PVC
Shielding High frequency effective over-wrapped foil shield.
Jacket High-density vibration damping outer jacket.
Colour Black

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