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Produkte von Audia Flight

Audia Flight
Founded in 1996 by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini, Audia Flight designs and manufactures in Italy the finest high quality home audio components. All Audia Flight products are entirely handcrafted at our facility located in the town of Civitavecchia, near the Mediterranean Sea and just over 70 kilometers from Rome. Beginning with the fundamental belief that a component should not alter the electronic signal, Massimiliano and Andrea spent two years (1994-1996) on research and development that would soon form the basis for their company and all of its subsequent components. Their extensive research indicated that the traditional voltage feedback approach to circuit design, with its inability to handle high speed transients and complex loads, would tend to alter the electronic signal and thus introduce inaccuracies. So they set about designing a circuit around the lesser known current feedback approach. They soon discovered that their new approach to current feedback circuit design would allow for both higher speed responses and better load control, and thus produce a more accurate signal. And so, by incorporating their Audia Flight current feedback design approach Massimiliano and Andrea were able to finally achieve their goal that an component should not alter the incoming signal and Audia Flight was born!
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Audia Flight Phono Audia Flight Phono
Audia Flight Phono Flight Phono ist Audia Flights erste separate Phonovorstufe und hat seit ihrer Vorstellung zahllose internationale Auszeichnungen gewonnen. Die vollsymmetrische Schaltung bietet nicht nur enorme Anpassungsmöglichkeiten...
4.500,00 € *
Audia Flight 3S Audia Flight 3S
Audia Flight 3S Die 3er-Serie ist traditionell die Einstiegsserie bei Audia Flight. Sie beginnt genau dort, wo Großserienhersteller klanglich bereits den Schlussstrich gezogen haben. Der FL Three S setzt, wie auch seine großen Brüder,...
2.600,00 € *
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