REL Stacking Rail - G1

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REL Stacking Rails - G1

Elevated Sound

Maximizing G1 MKII

These rails are the secret ingredient to the G1 MKII Vertical Stacks creating an incredibly open, airy, and spacious soundstage, with a devastatingly dynamic wallop. Used as the building blocks to creating REL Reference Vertical Stacks, often referred to as the Holy Grail of REL ownership, these rails can support a weight up to 324 pounds (148 kg) and handle the stresses imposed by these massive towers and their combined 1,800 watts of output.

Functional Strength

The Building Blocks

We designed G1 MKII rails to accomplish several objectives: first, it stands an upper G1 MKII off at precisely the correct distance from the next lower unit to permit clean coupling and mutual reinforcement of the power and output of the combination. Second, the felt was originally specified in order to increase the shear between any two G1’s because the recoil forces a G1 can impart might otherwise allow an upper unit to shift slightly. Finally, the bottom-mounted felt reduces the chance of scuffing the finish of a lower G1 in a stack.

The combination of great mass and increased shear due to the superior grip of the felt creates a virtually immovable structure under even the most dynamic passages of music and film.